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Datacolor SpyderCHECKR Pro (With SpyderCUBE)

March 20, 2014 / by

When colors absolutely must be perfect (we’re looking at you, commercial and portrait photographers), a calibration system is a must. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Datacolor SpyderCHECKR Pro system, which includes the SpyderCUBE white balancing tool. We’ve give you a brief overview of the system, discuss the process and use, plus we’ll analyze the design and results of the system.

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Holiday Photography Buyers Guide: 2013

December 05, 2013 / by

It’s the holiday season (and also bonus time), so we’re outlining some of our favorite products of the year. Whether they’re gifts for loved ones or yourself, this list is bound to spark some interest and inspiration.

The Spyder 4 Elite with base & included CD (software also available as a free download) - photo courtesy of Datacolor

Datacolor Spyder 4 Elite Monitor Calibration System Review

September 18, 2013 / by

Color management of your monitor is a must. In this review, we introduce you to the Spyder 4 system from Datacolor, which is one of the most dependable systems on the market.

This was a bucket list photo that I checked off when I borrowed an ultra-wide-angle lens.

Photo Todo Lists: A Source of Self-Inspiration

May 17, 2012 / by

Lists are a great way to track your ideas and thoughts, but they can also be a great way to inspire yourself for the future. There are two lists I use most of all: The Photo Bucket List and the Photo Theme List. Read on to learn how to fill your down-time with these great lists.


Histograms – A Valuable Tool for Photographers

April 20, 2012 / by

Histograms – nearly every camera offers them, every bit of photo editing software has them. But are they useful? Possibly more useful than you could imagine. But you must learn how to use them effectively. Read on to learn how to use this great tool to help improve your photography.

"Dried Flowers" by D. Travis North

Depth of Field: Your Camera’s Viewfinder Cannot Be Trusted

October 27, 2011 / by

Depth of field is one of the most coveted tools in a photographer’s toolkit.  Creating a perfect depth of field – one with the right depth and focused just perfectly – is an essential skill.  Unfortunately, for many, learning how to predict and use depth of field most effectively is a difficult task.  The task is only made more difficult by the misconceptions about your viewfinder.  In short:  Your viewfinder cannot be trusted for Depth of Field accuracy. Why It Can’t Be Trusted… The viewfinder is a dark and cavernous space.  Well, not really, but it eats light all the same – even those with good quality pentaprims – the glass prism that bounces the view through the lens up to your eye.  Some entry level cameras use a pentamirror (mirror box prisms) – a reflection system made up of mirrors instead of glass – which tends to be less efficient with the light.  I could easily turn this into a discussion as to why you should get a camera with a good viewfinder, but that is besides the point.  While a good viewfinder certainly helps, the truth remains the same:  Light in the viewfinder is still a limited resource. […]

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Track the Sun (And Moon) with Sundroid for Android

October 20, 2011 / by

Some of the best outdoor shots are accomplished during the ever-changing sunsets and sunrises. Figuring out when the sun rises or sets requires planning, but Sundroid – an app for Android Phones – can help you calculate the precise time.

Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic for Workflow Management (Review)

August 10, 2011 / by

So you’ve hit that point where your files have become too numerous to manage, and you really need a tool to help you out. Photo Mechanic just happens to be such a tool, and we got our hands on a copy to review. In true Shutter Photo fashion, we’ve played with it as much as we can, and we have a lot of features to introduce to you, and a lot of thoughts. Read on to hear what we have to say.


500px: Photo Sharing for Real Photographers (Review)

July 14, 2011 / by

If you love photography, but don’t like the current offerings for photo sharing, 500px might be just the site for you. 500px, a photo sharing community designed for real photogaphers, is an up-and-coming site with lots of great features. We’ll tell you all about the site, it’s great features and why we think you’ll like the site as well.

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Reasons to Join A Photo Sharing Community

May 12, 2011 / by

Why join a photo sharing community? Why not? Well…if you’re still on the fence, we have several reasons to share. Read on…