What doors will be opened in the new year?

2014 New Year Primer

January 07, 2014 / by

Let’s get this year off to a good start. Let’s learn and improve our photography and lets think about inspiration and upgrades. We have some tips to help you do it right.


A Moment To Thank Our Sponsors

November 26, 2012 / by

A short opportunity to highlight and thank our short list of sponsors.


Update: Lowepro givaway

July 02, 2010 / by

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the original winner of the Lowepro Passport Sling did not respond to my message.  As is dictated in the rules, we will now select a random winner.  Once we get in touch with that winner, we will make a formal announcement.


New Look for Shutter Photo

June 04, 2010 / by

It’s time for a new look, and we’re ready to roll out our new design. But we didn’t stop there. Oh no, there’s a lot of other benefits too.


New Features at Shutter Photo

January 29, 2010 / by

Those of you who have been visiting the site every day may have noticed a few subtle changes over the last several days.  We have been preparing for some upgrades – a process that cannot be taken too lightly.  The biggest change that you’ll notice is that we are now using Disqus, a great add-on for our comment system that offers a number of different commenting and feedback options.  At your choice, you’ll be able to post using your profile from Blogger, Worry not, you’ll still be able to post annonymously and/or as a guest.  We also installed a caching system and made several tweaks to our default theme in an effort to speed up the load time of the site. We tested everything on our test servers, but we can’t possibly pinpoint every piece of  trouble.  So if you experience any issues, please contact me.


Shutter Photo’s Goals for 2010: It’s About You

January 08, 2010 / by

In the past week, we have been wrapping up 2009 and looking forward into 2010.  We’ve focused on small details and talked about looking back and reviewing our own works.  We’ve looking deep into the future and made some predictions.  But now it’s time to talk about our relationship with you – how Shutter Photo’s goals will (hopefully) make a happier experience for you.  If you remember, a few months back we took a survey (if you weren’t a part, worry not – we’ll be doing another one soon).  We took the results from that and are actively working to improve ourselves for your benefit.  With that, I’m going to jump right into our goals for 2010: More Reviews – We have already done several book reviews here at Shutter Photo.  We will continue to review books, of course.  Our book reviews have been some of our most popular articles.  But in addition to that, we are going to provide more product reviews – whatever we can get our hands on is fair game (hint – if you have connections, send us a message). More Articles for Point and Shoot (Pocket Camera) Users -  Many of our articles are targeted […]


All New Portfolio – More Evolution

May 15, 2009 / by

It has been a long time coming, but I am now ready to make the official announcement:  I have created a new portfolio to exhibit my work.  I will explain my thought process, but if you want to go right to my new portfolio, you can visit it now. For the time being, I’m going to continue to maintain the gallery that can be found here on Shutter Photo.  But I am working to phase that out.  The thing is, I started Shutter Photo as a place to share my work and thoughts.  But the site has evolved a bit more than I would’ve thought, and it has become more of an educational and discussion site.  That said, I no longer feel that it is appropriate to display my own work here, unless for the purpose of examples.  Instead, I would much rather display the works of the community, which is why I started the Shutter Photo on Flickr group (all are welcome to join). It is my goal to make Shutter Photo your site, not mine. With that said, I’d like to remind all of you that I am open to any suggestions.  If there is any specific feature […]


Scheduled Down Time

March 17, 2009 / by

I just wanted to warn you all, my faithful readers, that my site will experience some sparatic downtimes over the next several evenings.  We are upgrading the site and changing some configurations on the back end. My hope is that this won’t affect most of you.   Please note that these upgrades will not affect our RSS feed, our e-mail subscriptions or our regular content updates. As always, thanks for your patience while we upgrade.


Temporary Detour

February 12, 2009 / by

I temporarily reverted back to the old theme because I found a few serious bugs specific to page navigation. I will resolve this later tonight. Sorry about the troubles and thanks for your patience.


New Site Design

February 12, 2009 / by

Those of you who have visted here regularly will notice that I have a brand new site design.  After a year with the old design, I thought it was time for a change.  I’ve learned a few things, and with my newfound wisdom about blogging and web design, I have incorporated a few new features.  For starters, my home page now features a highlights section that provides you with a quick preview of all the latest posts and the most popular posts and all my latest photos.  When you’re not on the front page, that information smoothly slips to the sidebar.  The new design also gives me a cleaner site and a little more space in the posts area.  I hope you like the new design. Things yet to come.  There are a few areas of the site where I am still fixing some things.  The gallery, for example, is going to get completely overhauled with new categories and all.  That’s a huge undertaking, I’ve discovered, and I don’t really want to rush that. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or frustrations, please feel free to reply to this post.