"Losing The Will To Glow" by Zaedah Black

“Losing The Will To Glow” by Zaedah Black (Or Observe The World You Know)

January 14, 2014 / by

Featuring the work of Zaedah Black, we learn about the power of observation and not letting features disappear into our environment. Though both are very important, seeing is more important than technical aspects that must follow.

"The Great Gig in the Sky" by Chris Soukup

“The Great Gig in the Sky” by Chris Soukup (Or The Environment Is Ever-Changing)

September 10, 2013 / by

Do you recognize this famous landmark? Photographer Chris Soukup demonstrates that dedication and perseverance yields great results in the ever-changing environment around an otherwise well-known scene.


Get Pushed Round 25: Featuring Ari Friedman

August 01, 2013 / by

Times Square is perhaps not the easiest location to shoot, especially in the middle of traffic, but Ari Friedman’s contribution for Get Pushed pulled it off quite well. Through Ari’s patience and his work with layering of multiple photos, the finished image is stunning. Rachel Interviews Ari on the photo and his process.

"Like Night and Day" by DeShaun Craddock

“Like Night and Day” by DeShaun Craddock (Or The World Begs To Be Framed)

June 25, 2013 / by

Photographer DeShaun Craddock makes it all look easy with his photograph of a common urban scene. In this article, we discuss the complexities of the shot as well as the commentary that he makes with it.

"London Office" by James Attree

“London Office” by James Attree (Or It’s Color That Pulls Us In)

March 12, 2013 / by

Featuring the work of James Attree, we discover how color can enhance – but depends on – great photo composition. Be inspired and learn about the relationship between color and other components.

"Chestnut Glow" by Steve Ives

“Chestnut Glow” by Steve Ives (Or The Beauty of Light)

October 25, 2011 / by

Steve Ives shakes things up with “Chestnut Glow”, an interesting and mesmerizing photo taken in an otherwise uninteresting location. The difference is the light from the sun, captured at just the right moment, rendering the scene beautiful and captivating. Steve’s photo is featured to demonstrate just how powerful and beautiful light can truly be.

"St. Pauls & Millennium Bridge" by Thamer Al-Hassan

“St. Paul’s & Millennium Bridge” by Thamer Al-Hassan (Or Shoot At Night For Maximum Drama)

August 16, 2011 / by

After seeing Thamer Al-Hassan’s nighttime photo, “St. Paul’s & Millennium Bridge”, featuring London, you would be hard pressed to find a photo so dramatic and mesmerizing. Nighttime photography brings out a whole new character in the city. We briefly discuss this fact featuring Thamer’s photo as part of the discussion.

"Shi Ku Men" by Mark Heath

The Tale of Two Formats: Mark Heath’s “Shi Ku Men”

March 29, 2011 / by

Black & White vs. Color – a debate often conducted between two separate photographers. But today, we bring you the work of Mark Heath who has produced both a black & white and a color version of the same photograph. Such a scenario teaches us much. But which format is better?

"Chaoctic Sky" by Kevin Thorhill

“Chaoctic Sky” by Kevin Thornhill

November 16, 2010 / by

Kevin Thornhill returns the limelight with an interesting and inspirational sunset photo above the skyline of London. Is it possible to make sunset photos better? We think so. And Kevin’s work is proof.


“Skate Blur” by Kevin Thornhill

June 29, 2010 / by

This week, we bring you a stunning and inspiring photograph from Kevin Thornhill. To be inspired by this fine example of urban photography, read on.