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Common Photo Themes "Small Boats" by Darren Moore

Water holds so many forms, but it is its reflective properties we’re going to explore this month in our Common Photo Themes column. Featuring works that take advantage of water’s reflections in their own unique ways, we explore the appeal of water both to the viewer and to the photographer.

Inspiring Photos "Philadelphia Water Works" by Ross Abraham

As photographers, we are attracted to the classic buildings and structures around us. As tourists, we often have difficulty trying to figure out the best way to capture such a scene in a new and unique way. That isn’t the problem that photographer Ross Abraham has. When capturing one of Philadelphia’s greatest landmarks, Ross introduced an element that is so commonly overlooked: Time. Read on to see how time enhances this photograph.

News "Ski" by Megan Thackeray

Sir Issac Newton’s observations gave us three basic laws of physics. Based in a world that follows these rules, photography cannot escape them without manipulation. But it is possible to create weak portrayals of these laws. To create compelling and believable photos, try Newton’s third law on for size…

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