"Lighthouse" by Scott Baldock

“Lighthouse” by Scott Baldock (Or The Power of Quality Light)

November 19, 2013 / by

Featuring a photo by landscape photographer, Scott Baldock, we discuss the power of good quality light. In this article, we’ll talk about the power of the golden hour as well as the planning behind such a photo.

"Clevedon Pier" by Steve Chatman

“Clevedon Pier” by Steve Chatman (Or When Whitespace Is Truly White)

October 01, 2013 / by

Featuring the work of photographer Steve Chatman, we discuss the importance and power of truly white whitespace in the composition of a photograph.

"Oyster Bay - New Jersey" by Dante Fratto

“Oyster Cove – New Jersey” by Dante Fratto (Or Balance Isn’t Always Obvious)

September 17, 2013 / by

The balance in this photograph by Dante Fratto isn’t readily apparent to everyone. Featuring just one of the many ways to find balance, we discuss how your brain never seems to miss a beat, even if we can’t put it into words.

"Brantwood Jetty II" by Mark Boyle

“Brantwood Jetty II” by Mark Boyle (Or Who’s Story Is Being Told?)

May 21, 2013 / by

Photos are as dreams or stories that are told about the viewer. Or at least that’s the way Mark Boyle’s photo, Brentwood Jetty II, is portrayed.

"Small Boats" by Darren Moore

Reflections In Water – Common Photo Theme

September 12, 2012 / by

Water holds so many forms, but it is its reflective properties we’re going to explore this month in our Common Photo Themes column. Featuring works that take advantage of water’s reflections in their own unique ways, we explore the appeal of water both to the viewer and to the photographer.

"Three Boats of Aldeburgh" by Parrish Colman

“Three Boats of Aldeburgh” by Parrish Colman (Or Adding Layers of Subjects)

August 14, 2012 / by

Parrish Colman and his photo “Three Boats of Aldeburgh” are the source of this week’s inspiration. In this article, we explore how he balances two primary subjects in the same image and other aspects of this great photograph.

"Philadelphia Water Works" by Ross Abraham

“Philadelphia Water Works” by Ross Abraham (Or Time Makes Everything Better)

May 08, 2012 / by

As photographers, we are attracted to the classic buildings and structures around us. As tourists, we often have difficulty trying to figure out the best way to capture such a scene in a new and unique way. That isn’t the problem that photographer Ross Abraham has. When capturing one of Philadelphia’s greatest landmarks, Ross introduced an element that is so commonly overlooked: Time. Read on to see how time enhances this photograph.

"Cornered" by Justin Minns

“Cornered” by Justin Minns (Or The Complexity Of A Simple Composition)

March 20, 2012 / by

It’s difficult to determine the exact element that sets a simple composition apart from other more complicated compositions. Justin Minns’s photograph “Cornered”, for example, looks to be so incredibly simple on the surface. But as you will see, it’s anything but. There is incredible and complex beauty in a simple composition. Read on…

"Ski" by Megan Thackeray

“Ski” by Megan Thackeray (Or Newton’s Third Law Expressed in Photos)

September 13, 2011 / by

Sir Issac Newton’s observations gave us three basic laws of physics. Based in a world that follows these rules, photography cannot escape them without manipulation. But it is possible to create weak portrayals of these laws. To create compelling and believable photos, try Newton’s third law on for size…

"St. Pauls & Millennium Bridge" by Thamer Al-Hassan

“St. Paul’s & Millennium Bridge” by Thamer Al-Hassan (Or Shoot At Night For Maximum Drama)

August 16, 2011 / by

After seeing Thamer Al-Hassan’s nighttime photo, “St. Paul’s & Millennium Bridge”, featuring London, you would be hard pressed to find a photo so dramatic and mesmerizing. Nighttime photography brings out a whole new character in the city. We briefly discuss this fact featuring Thamer’s photo as part of the discussion.