The Self Portraiture and Explorations of see . jane . snap

"His Pupil" by see . jane . snap

“His Pupil” by see . jane . snap

The self portraits are a bit of a common thread among photographers.  We all try them, if only for exploration and learning (a practice we recommend), or just for our bio pages.  It’s a medium that can appreciated between artists.  Self portraits are telling, a small window into our personality.  Of course they are designed as such.  But a few photographers have gone beyond – way beyond – and have created an entire portfolio out of their self portraits.  One such photographer is known as see . jane . snap, or Jane for short, and we’d like to introduce you to a small sampling of her work.

"You Me and the Bourbon" by see . jane . snap

“You Me and the Bourbon” by see . jane . snap

There are at least two stories to any photograph:  The one that is told and shared with the world, and the personal one that is often withheld by the photographer.  But with a self portrait, I don’t think you can withhold that other story:  Self portraits can be quite personal.  Jane’s self portraits are no exception.  In one, she portrays herself as an innocent but curious woman hiding behind a sheet, leaving much to the imagination but still not breaking persona in her expression.  In another, she is something out of a nightmare with covered eyes and black lipstick.  Jane explores the entire spectrum from sweet innocence to haunting; from traditional lighting to the harsh and dramatic: Whatever method is necessary to tell the story.  And that is where see. jane. snap excels, because the focus for her is truly the art first and foremost.

"Haven't You Seen Me Sleepwalking?" by see . jane . snap

“Haven’t You Seen Me Sleepwalking?” by see . jane . snap

In her profile on Flickr, Jane’s message is short and simple:  “you will find me in my images . . . or maybe it’s just the me i wish to be”.  Well I don’t know how close Jane’s real-life persona is to the dream Jane, but I think she’s worked her way into the  hearts, minds, dreams and maybe a few nightmares of her fans.  So you should certainly wander on over to her photostream and follow her work more regularly.  You will be introduced to some inspiring self portraits, and you will be introduced to an inspiring portfolio.

"Haven't You Seen Me Sleepwalking?" by see . jane . snap

“Haven’t You Seen Me Sleepwalking?” by see . jane . snap

"Melting Into The Shadows" by see . jane . snap

“Melting Into The Shadows” by see . jane . snap

"And Let Me Peer Inside" by see . jane . snap

“And Let Me Peer Inside” by see . jane . snap

"Smeared" by see . jane . snap

“Smeared” by see . jane . snap


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