“Under Bright Lights” by Ozzy Reyez


"Under Bright Lights" by Ozzy Reyes

Photography is a medium that introduces to so many sub-cultures and environments within our world.  We of course pride ourselves on our ability to share commonly unseen perspectives with our viewers, but we often overlook one more valuable aspect:  Our quest for such unique perspectives cannot happen without first influencing ourselves.  As I observe this week’s inspirational photo, Under Bright Lights by Ozzy Reyez, I am reminded of the many doors that photography can open and the many friendships that can be forged.  For that matter, I wonder what Ozzy has learned from this specific photo shoot.

As a photographer, we wear different hats.  Once we all reach a certain point where we are comfortable with our cameras, we start working on our personal style – our signature that separates our works from others.  Most often, we become specialists in a specific genre, but we are almost always required to learn about things outside of photography.  It is possibly the only creativity in the world that   In Ozzy’s case, this photo session occurs back stage during a live music performance.  Under Bright Lights portrays, in my opinion, the feeling of being part of the band.  It’s intimate moments such as these that the typical person does not witness, and therefore Ozzy has provided a unique perspective.

Silhouettes in photography are fairly common.  But you typically see them taken during sunset (how many of us have photos of someone “holding” the sun) or as a portrait in a controlled environment.  Not often enough will you see silhouettes used in the way that Ozzy has:  Using stage lighting or other uncontrolled light sources.  The use of the dramatic lighting in this case provides a feeling of being there and seeing the show from this vantage point.  Moreover, it helps to create balance within the image, rendering all the clutter and distractions under darkness.  Only the subject, the lead singer, is clearly and cleanly well defined.

But lets not forget our context.  This is a live performance, and the only way we would be certain of that is to have some presence of the audience.  Shooting from this vantage point certainly allows for that.  But the thing I like about the lighting in this photo is that you can just barely make out the audience with dim silhouette lighting from the backs of their heads.  You can tell they are there – which is important – but they are not a distraction within the photo – which is more important.

All around, I think Ozzy did a great job creating Under Bright Lights
and he has certainly inspired me to explore subjects that are a little outside of my comfort zone.  I hope his photo has inspired you as well.

We’d like to thank Ozzy and the many contributors to the Shutter Photo @ Flickr Group.  Without people like Ozzy, this column would have no place.  If you feel inspired by any of the works within the group, please feel free to contribute.  We all love to see new inspiring works, and I would love to continue to feature more and more photos here for all to be inspired by and learn from.  Also be sure to check out Ozzy Reyez’s photostream.


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