Untitled Photo by Jon DeBoer (Or A Reason To Love Shooting After A Rain)

Untitled Photo by Jon DeBoer

Untitled Photo by Jon DeBoer

I used to dislike rainy days. It’s never pleasant to be stuck inside when you have so much outside that you want to do. But now, when I see rain in the weather forecast, I get excited. Foul weather is a great opportunity to create intriguing photos. And when it’s all over, the aftermath is just as exciting. I must admit that this is a relatively new revelation to me.  I was one of those people who was afraid to harm my equipment (little did I know…).  But after viewing such fantastic photos from other photographers such as the works of photographer Jon DeBoer, I felt left out.  It is Jon’s untitled photo that we feature this week, and it serves as a reminder of all the photos we missed while curled up in the warmth of our dry homes.

Water, in general, is a great resource for photographers, especially for the reflections that it offers.  But water in a pond or in a river is expected – as eye catching as it might be, it doesn’t compare to a tiny pond that exists only after a rain in an urban environment.  That is exactly what Jon DeBoer found here after a pretty nice rain storm.  To some degree, we can thank the poor maintenance of this plaza because the puddle here is a veritable lake.  It is vast, but it’s shallow enough to allow our subject to wade out into the puddle to create the only seamless reflection in a photo filled with reflections.  Even with a long exposure – this one was 2 seconds long – ripples in the water are a concern when you want good reflections.  So I suspect our subject had to wait a little bit until the aftermath of her footfalls dissipated.  Our lone human subject serves as a nice softening of an otherwise hard and cold setting.  Those harsh lights on the far wall really do a subtle, but important job, of back-lighting the subject, separating her from the wall behind.

Jon is predominately an architectural photographer working mostly with black & white, but you will occasionally find a color photo in his Flickr Photostream.  He is part of the Detroit photography scene, and so it’s not uncommon to have some cameos from other photographers show up in his photos (as is common of that scene).  Jon can also be found on 500px or on his own personal website.  Best to follow him in any way that you can, he provides much to be inspired by.


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