“Waving Gold” by Jos (Or Fun With Depth of Field)

"Waving Gold" by Jos

"Waving Gold" by Jos

Texture is, in my opinion, always a worthwhile subject in your photography.  Compound that with close-up photography, monochromatic color schemes and a tight depth of field, and the results can be quite zen-like.  I always love revisiting the works of our past featured photographers, and so I am happy to reintroduce you to a work, Waving Gold, from inspiring and incredibly modest photographer:  Jos.  Jos is no stranger to abstract shapes and he has proven himself at creating compositions with cropped subjects.  But Waving Gold is a clear poster child for depth of field explorations.

A narrow depth of field is not difficult to accomplish, and we see it used everywhere by a great number of photographers.  I’ll admit a soft spot for a narrow depth of field, but it occurs to me that I don’t focus enough on the backgrounds when I’m working with depth of field.  Sure, in the case of Jos’s photo, it’s all sorts of blurry back there, but the blurry grasses still seem to mimic the pattern in the foreground.  The gradual arches in the foreground, the shadowy blurry stalks in the background parrot the aesthetic.  The pattern helps to cement the structure into the mind the viewer.  But here’s an interesting side effect:  I feel challenged to explore the differences in the stalks as each is just a tiny bit more out of focus, and that in and of itself is quite an interest for my eyes.  Another interesting aspect is that it’s the colder tones (the pale gold, almost white) that is most obvious on the stalks in focus while the cold edges seem to disappear in the background.  I like how the warmer tones are in the background as that is against the norm…it’s usually much colder in the back.  Overall, it’s an interesting study in texture.  I think Jos did a fantastic job.

Jos is a photographer with an eye for details.  Much of his works are studies of textures, details and abstract shapes found in architecture, landscapes and otherwise.  He’s quite talented at pulling out the best framing of these details and presenting to the viewer an interest.  Jos is, as I mentioned, modest – and so he won’t admit it – but he is an inspiration to many of his followers.  You should follow his photostream and be inspired as well.


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