Why the Megapixel Race Needs to End (Wired)


Wired Gadget Lab has a really great post about the megapixel wars between camera manufacturers. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Megapixels, like megahertz before them, are the big consumer swindle of the camera world. The first thing anyone asks me when they see my Canon G9 is “How many megapixels does it have?” My answer, 12, causes a swoon. The trouble is, I neither want nor need that many. My Nikon D60, with just 10 megapixels, takes better pictures, especially in low light. In fact, when Nikon announced its new P6000 two weeks ago, I groaned when I read the sensor size: 13.5 megapixels. All those extra dots add up to one thing: noise. Here we take a look at the advantages of smaller pixel-counts, and what they mean for the future of photography.

Read the Article: Why the Megapixel Race Needs to End (blog.wired.com)

Unfortunately, megapixels are a bit of a bench mark that the consumers understand.  Key word:  consumers.  What separates consumers from the pros is that they don’t necessarily or always understand the big picture.  And the big picture is that the sensor’s size is only one aspect of the camera.  This article is one that really hits the nail on the head.


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