The Setup

Datacolor SpyderCHECKR Pro (With SpyderCUBE)

March 20, 2014 / by

When colors absolutely must be perfect (we’re looking at you, commercial and portrait photographers), a calibration system is a must. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Datacolor SpyderCHECKR Pro system, which includes the SpyderCUBE white balancing tool. We’ve give you a brief overview of the system, discuss the process and use, plus we’ll analyze the design and results of the system.

(Image courtesy of Lightscoop)

Lightscoop Deluxe & Lightscoop Jr. Flash Bounce Tool Review

December 12, 2013 / by

The Lightscoop system is a simple and effective bounce device designed to improve the quality of the light from your on-camera flash. In this review, we put two versions – the Lightscoop Deluxe and the Lightscoop Jr – to the test.

The Spyder 4 Elite with base & included CD (software also available as a free download) - photo courtesy of Datacolor

Datacolor Spyder 4 Elite Monitor Calibration System Review

September 18, 2013 / by

Color management of your monitor is a must. In this review, we introduce you to the Spyder 4 system from Datacolor, which is one of the most dependable systems on the market.

Sigma DP3 cu

The Merrill Experiment: Finding Simple Beauty in the Sigma DP Merrill Cameras

July 01, 2013 / by

Taking one of the Sigma DP Merrill Cameras for a spin, we fell in love with the image quality of the Faveon sensor. But is this camera hindered by over-simplification? Read on to find out.


Clik Elite Tropfen Camera Backpack Review

June 03, 2013 / by

From Clik Elite, the makers of high adventure bags, comes a new classic line and this new Tropfen backpack. It’s unique design will win the hearts of many, but will it live up to the expectations of the brand?

Brenthaven BX2 Messenger-3

Brenthaven BX2 Messenger Bag Review

May 10, 2013 / by

We’d like to introduce you to the BX2 Messenger from Brenthaven in this review. Featuring unique gel padding and a sleek modern design, is this the bag for you?

Sigma F1.4 DG HSM - Aperture

Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM | A Lens Review

April 03, 2013 / by

With the introduction of their new 35mm F1.4, Sigma has raised the bar. In our hands-on review, we explore it’s capabilities and evaluate the results.

Fotodiox WonderBurst

Fotodiox Pro WonderBurst HSS8000 Radio Trigger Review

March 22, 2013 / by

The WonderBurst HSS8000 is a basic entry-level radio triggers for cameras and flashes. In our in-depth review, we evaluate if they will stand up to the competition.


Kata Digital Rucksack 466-DL Camera Backpack Review

February 18, 2013 / by

The new Kata Digital Rucksack 466-DL is an improvement over the 466i, a bag we already loved. After several weeks in our care, we share with you our review and thoughts on the bag. Is it better than it’s predecessor? Read on to find out.

Sigma 180mm Macro - Controls

Sigma APO Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Lens Hands On Review

November 21, 2012 / by

We got our hands on the brand new Sigma APO Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Lens for a hands on review. Will it stand up to our scrutiny?