"Isla de Taquile - Lake Titicaca, Peru" by Nate Hughes

Street Portraiture – Common Photo Themes

February 25, 2014 / by

Street Portraiture is the subject of this month’s common photographic theme. We explore five great photos from five great street photographers. Read on to see more great photos and to be inspired.

"Eye Portrait" by Thamer Al-Hassan

The Eyes Have It (Common Photographic Themes)

October 08, 2013 / by

This month, we explore eyes as a common theme among our Flickr pool. As one of the most emotive features of the human body, the eyes are powerful in almost every portrait. But what if the eyes are the subject alone? Read on to be inspired.

"Relaxing" by Pia Cvijanovic

Remembering Summer – Common Photo Themes

September 04, 2013 / by

Remembering Summer through this common photo theme. These photos evoke the feel of summer. Featuring the works of many of our Flickr Group members.

"Ferris Wheel" by Ryan Shaffer

Carnival At Dusk – Common Photo Themes

July 02, 2013 / by

For this month’s Common Photo Themes, we would like to explore the spirit, feelings and sights of summer. So we’re headed to the carnivals and boardwalks. Captured by five different talented photographers, we’ll explore different photos of carnival scenes featuring long exposures and surreal presentations.

"Lava Flow" by Jonathan Robson

Dramatic Black & White Skies – Common Photo Themes

May 07, 2013 / by

This month, we feature a number of inspiring photographs from members of our Flickr Pool that dramatically features the sky…in Black & White.

"What Has Become" by Gary Heller

Abandoned – Common Photo Themes

April 02, 2013 / by

We explore ruins and abandoned structures for this month’s common photo theme. We learn to see the inner beauty of the otherwise ugly spaces littered with rust, peeling paint and dirt.

"London Eye" by Sylvie van Nerum

Iconic Subjects – Common Photo Themes

March 05, 2013 / by

This month we explore photos featuring iconic subjects – which have been photographed hundreds of times. But these photographers offer their own vision.

"Happy New Year!" by Valentina Calà

Eyes Hidden – Common Photo Themes

February 05, 2013 / by

The face is a powerful, emotive subject. But we need not always focus on the eyes. In fact, this month’s Common Photo Theme avoids them entirely. Read on to see how much can be learned about our subjects without looking them in the eye.

"Tourists Everywhere" by Linh H. Nguyen

Big City Lights – Common Photo Themes

December 04, 2012 / by

Big City Lights are the focus of this month’s Common Photo Themes. Featuring five different cities around the world, we learn the many facets of urban lighting, captured in fantastic photographs. Read on to see these stories told by the eyes and cameras of five inspiring photographers.

"Mt. Baldy" by David Clark

Snow – Common Photo Themes

November 13, 2012 / by

Snow is the topic of this month’s Common Photo Themes and we explore some great photos from our Flickr Group members. Be inspired by the many ways in which snow is featured in each photograph.