"Manhattan Bridge" by John McGraw

How John McGraw Controls You With Color

August 06, 2013 / by

Color is a powerful and dynamic building block. In this photographer spotlight of John McGraw and his work, we show you just how powerful color really can be. McGraw’s work is inspiring, but his use of color in his photos is incredible. Read on to see what you can learn from McGraw’s work.

"Captivity" by Brian Day

The Black & White Explorations of Brian Day

June 11, 2013 / by

Brian Day is a photographer who has inspired us for many years. In this long overdue spotlight, we discuss his brand recognition and the quality of his black & white images.

"His Pupil" by see . jane . snap

The Self Portraiture and Explorations of see . jane . snap

November 27, 2012 / by

The self portraiture of see . jane . snap is a window into her soul and into our own minds. We explore her work in this Photographer Spotlight

"Pretty Green Eyes" by Kevin Thornhill

The Evolution of Photographer Kevin Thornhill

June 12, 2012 / by

Photographer Kevin Thornhill – a long time contributor of the Shutter Photo & Flickr Group – has really evolved a great deal over the years. With his roots in street photography, he seems to have made a successful transition into the world of Fashion Photography. This is something we cannot overlook, and so we are featuring him in this Photographer Spotlight to share some of his current great works.

"Toward the Light" by Ray Rhodes

Flashback: The Many Roads of Photographer Ray Rhodes

December 27, 2011 / by

First published on August 31, 2010, we took a exploration of Photographer Ray Rhodes’s portfolio, focusing specifically on his love of the open road. Ray’s work continues to inspire us, but it’s great to look back at this feature article and see how far he’s come, and appreciate how much he’s built on this foundation.

"Packard Dangle: Its Begun" by Dennis Maitland

Life On The Edge With Dennis Maitland

October 11, 2011 / by

It’s easy to fall into a monotonous routine. To stay inspired, many photographers have side projects featuring similar subjects or a common theme. This week, we feature photographer Dennis Maitland who has an ongoing project, “Life On The Edge”, which features the photographer sitting on the edge of tall buildings. Acrophobes may not wish to read on, but if you want to be inspired by Dennis’s project, you should read on.

"23 of 365" by Colin Bugella

Colin Bugella’s Textures

March 15, 2011 / by

Texture as a primary (or single) subject poses a few compositional challenges. Colin Bugella, who’s work is featured here, teaches us a few things as he explores textures in his own photography.

'Smelter Rooms' by David Clark

Flashback: The Industrial Photography of David Clark

January 25, 2011 / by

Flashback: We take you back to our publication in October of 2009 when we spotlighted the photographic works of photographer David Clark. The photos are not his most recent, but the inspiration is still appropriate.

"Toward the Light" by Ray Rhodes

The Many Roads of Photographer Ray Rhodes

August 31, 2010 / by

Ray Rhodes and his work first came to our attention in February during our Ribbon Photo Contest.  Ray’s entry took the first-runner-up position in the midst of tight competition.  Since then, he has contributed dozens of photos to our flickr pool, and I have personally followed his work extensively.  If I had to describe Ray’s photography in one word:  Americana.  Ray shoots a number of great subjects, but the majority of his body of work features scenes from the American countryside.  In each and every photo, he truly captures a sense of place. But what I am personally drawn towards are his many photos of roadways.  Roads have worked  their way into our jargon ever since cars have become a prominent part of our well being.  Middle of the road.  The road less traveled.  Hit the road. We are romantically drawn to roadways as a symbol of travel, better places and the love for the journey.  And so Ray’s work is an embodiment of ideals in photographic form. Like the many different perspectives of photographers all over the world, there are hundreds of ways to view the same stretch of a roadway.  In Ray’s portfolio, he features dozens, if not […]


The Macro Photography of Chuck Wendig

November 16, 2009 / by

What do writers do in their spare time? They do photography. In this Photographer Spotlight, we would like to introduce you to Chuck Wendig, an established writer who has quite an eye for Macro Photography. To see some examples of his fine work, and to learn why Chuck’s work is so special, read on.