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Learning "Among Spirits" by D. Travis North - Part of my Falsely Accused project

Ongoing photo projects are fun and inspiring. They can train your mind to recognize photo opportunities and your work will benefit. We’ll discuss why you should have such projects, the benefits behind them and we’ll even give you a few ideas.

Learning Yosemite - Tunnel View - Panoramic (GP1)

White is a burden for your camera’s meter, which wants to present that as gray. The results are dingy looking snow and clouds. With a little know-how, we can compensate for that. In this article, we discuss the cause (your camera isn’t broken) and outline a few options that you have to efficiently correct for the white-to-gray shift in your photography.

Learning What doors will be opened in the new year?

Let’s get this year off to a good start. Let’s learn and improve our photography and lets think about inspiration and upgrades. We have some tips to help you do it right.

Learning "A Journey Begins With One Step" by D. Travis North

Is it better to have everything? Or is the focus that comes as necessity to the starving artist the way to go? We talk about goals and self-learning and the real reason why a starving artist is so passionate about their art.

Learning "Structured Nature" by D. Travis North

If you are one who thinks a black & white photo is automatically artistic, then you may have some bad habits. Black & white is too often used as a way to fix images. But that’s a bad path to follow. In this article, we discuss why and we’ll talk about good black & white habits.

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