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Just a quick update:  For the most part, the site is back up and running…

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We appreciate your patience as we fix a couple of things that got broken over the past several weeks. Today, we’ll disclose what happened and why you shouldn’t be worried. Your favorite Photo Site isn’t going anywhere.

Editorial Flickr's infamous "system down" message...who is the "Bad Panda" now?

Taking yet another step away from a community-driven platform, Flickr has once again implemented changes that are less than ideal for the typical photographer. We discuss what those changes are, the fundamental flaws and the fact that Flickr clearly doesn’t care about us anymore. We’ll also take a brief moment to discuss the big picture of social media from a Photographer’s perspective.

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In this candid editorial, we explore the state of the photography industry for amateurs and professionals. Where are we headed? What are the trends? We’ll cover it all.

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