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Featured Lindsay Adler Speaks at Photo Plus Expo

We went to PDN’s Photo Plus Expo in New York. We learned a lot, saw a lot and discovered a lot of great new products. In this report, I’ll share some of the most interesting products we uncovered.

News "Ski" by Megan Thackeray

Sir Issac Newton’s observations gave us three basic laws of physics. Based in a world that follows these rules, photography cannot escape them without manipulation. But it is possible to create weak portrayals of these laws. To create compelling and believable photos, try Newton’s third law on for size…


“Chimping” is the art of checking one’s camera back after a shot, be it to verify the shot or to simply admire ones own talents as a photographer. The practice is shunned by many experienced photographers. But should it be? Are we really all just grumpy old salts? Let’s revisit this, shall we? Read on…


PDN Photo Plus Expo wrapped up another successful year. We were there to observe some of the years best new products. Some really stood out from the crowd, and we’re prepared to share our list of the most interesting.

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