Shutter Photo is managed and operated by yours truly, D. Travis North, an American.  As such, I am bound to American Regulations enforced by such American Organizations such as Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and such.  In October, 2009, the FTC published an update to its regulations concerning endorsements and testimonials – the first update since 1980 (The FTC is a bureaucracy after all, so we can’t expect it to update regulations more often than once every 20 or so years). As is specifically mentioned within these newly revised regulations, I am now required to disclose my intentions and my benefits from running this website and, more importantly, any compensation I or any of my staff may receive from reviewing specific products for Shutter Photo.  In all fairness, I have nothing to hide, and there’s no reason why I wouldn’t disclose any compensation.  In fact, I feel that the receipt of payment and/or freebies is clearly disclosed within each of Shutter Photo’s reviews.  But to keep things simple and to have it all here in one place, I offer the following for your consideration:

We don’t do what we do for free.

Most, if not all, of the products and/or services we review were provided to us free of charge.  Sometimes, we get to keep those products and/or services.  Other times, we have to return these products.  Receiving products for free does not guarantee our complete satisfaction, however.  First and foremost, we have a commitment to our readers.  We are committed to provide our most honest opinions of the items that we review.  In other words:  Just because it’s free, it doesn’t mean we have to like it.

As for advertising, we make money off of that too.  The banner ads are obvious.  Like many web magazines, we are affiliated with Google Adsense for advertising content.  Google does it’s magic on its end to determine which ads are the most appealing to you, our readers, and then they are automatically displayed.  Additionally, we are proudly affiliated with BH Photo & Video as well as, both of which are stores that we know and trust.  Product links within any of our articles are likely pointing to one of these two stores.

So what do we do with the money?

I wish I could say that we have so much money from Shutter Photo that we can wallpaper the walls with cash, but that sadly is not the case (sad for me, it doesn’t affect you).  In actuality, we make just enough money to keep Shutter Photo’s services free for our readers.  We would, of course, very much like you to help us in our cause and click on a few banners and buy a few products through our links from time to time.  If you’re going to buy these products anyhow, why not let us benefit just a tiny bit.

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